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For Candidates

Talent Search Group is a rapidly growing organization.
If you are looking for a rewarding employment
opportunity, please send us a resume today!

For Hiring Managers

Contact us to learn more about how we
can take the biggest problem off
of your desk right now and fill your openings!

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Talent Search Group is a staffing and recruiting firm dedicated to providing viable talent in various
professions. Our primary mission is to carefully determine client staffing inefficiencies and offer hiring
solutions that directly correlate to long term goals.

Talent Search Group was founded on core values such as Dependability, Integrity, and Timeliness. We
take pride in the delivery of quality talent acquisition solutions to our clients. Our process is
individualized. We assess both our clients and prospective candidates in order to ensure compatibility.
We focus on cultivating professional relationships, networking, and attention to detail, which has greatly
contributed to our success.

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What We Promise- What We Deliver

Talent Search Group is a staffing and recruiting firm prepared to place qualified
candidates in the following disciplines:

  • Executive Search
  • Medical
  • Management Consultancy and Risk Advisory
  • Finance Accounting
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • IT Telecom
  • Aviation and Hospitality
  • Marketing, Retail and Sales
  • Education and Training
  • FMCG/Manufacturing Industry
  • Legal
  • Mining
  • Insurance
  • Oil Gas
  • Construction
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure and Human Resources